How does an Animal Communication work

I hope you have a good relationship with your animal companion and that you enjoy a harmonious relationship. However, there maybe situations where you wonder what your pet wants to tell you. You see that he wants to tell you something but cannot figure out what it is. Or there are situations in which you would like to tell your animal anything but do not know how.

Perhaps there are even situations where you no longer know what to do because you do not understand the behavior of your pet but otherwise everything else is fine.

Perhaps you and your animal companion are near the time where your animal companion will leave you and transition. You would like to know what is the best way to live through this time for you both.

In all these cases and in many others, it may be helpful to have a conversation with the animal. I am happy to translate for you and your animal companion what you have to say to each other.

During the communication your learn about the animal's perspective and what is important to him. This can help a lot when it comes to taking decisions or understanding a situation. The animal in return also feels better, because he knows that he has been understood. This way a communication contributes to a harmonious coexistence, and increases the quality of life of humans and animals.

In order to communicate with an animal I need a photo with name and age of the animal. Please write down the questions you want to ask, or the things you want to tell your animal, so you do not forget anything.

To make an appointment or for further information you can contact me by email or call me on my Swiss mobile phone number
+41 79/236 77 77

I will be pleased to support you and your animal companion in living a more harmonious an joyful relationship.

What I do

An animal communication conversation can be useful in different situations. For example:
- Behavior Problems
- Missing Animals (I do this only for existing customers)
- Introducing a new animal to another animal (if possible please call before introducing them to each other psysically)
- Prepare for home moving (best 2-3 weeks before the move)
- Holiday absence (especially important for cats who need to stay home or dogs that are not taken along)
- Discomfort of the animal
- Strange behavior
- Disease (in order to know how the animal feels. It does substitute the vet visit)
- Life care (in order to know when the animal is ready for transition and if he needs help from a vet)
- conversation with dead animals
- To clarify whether everything is OK or the animal has any requests important to him in order to increase his quality of life

These are just a few examples that demonstrate how an animal communication conversation can support you and your animal companion.


What I don't do

  • I make no diagnoses.
  • I do not speak with animals from a third party, only with the person the animal lives with
  • I do not search missing animals for new customers

Furthermore, I adhere to the code of ethics of animal communicationCode of Ethics for Animal Communicators, which was edited by Penelope Smith.


Fee of an Animal Communication Consultation

The price of an animal communication depends on the length of the conversation. The price is Swiss francs 3 .-- / minute. The minimum price is Swiss francs 20 .--

Why is there a minimum price? No matter how long the conversation lasts I need to prepare to contact the animal and be open for the dialogue. This needs to be paid too. However, the minimum price is paid after 7 minutes anyway.



If you want to have a communication consultation with your animal companion or have further questions please contact me by email.