Do you want to learn to communicate telepathically with animals?

I offer different courses in animal communication. You can attend just the basic course or you can complete the entire training in conscious telepathic (animal) communication.


All courses are held online.


For further information and available dates please contact me by email.

Next Date for the Basic Course

Thursday, 29th April 2021 9:00 - 18:30 online day seminar
Basic course
In the basic course we learn:
- the basis of communication with animals from heart to heart
- we discovered blockages and communication possibilities
- We receive several tools to use them in communication
- we make meditations that open the heart
- we increase the sense and understanding for animals and telepathic communication

We also learn to
- relax and concentrate while being with animals
- we practice to open the channel for animals
- we receive and send information in different ways

This will give you and your pet a more harmonious relationship, full of joy and a higher quality of life than you already have.

To register for the course, send an email with your information. 

Prices and Conditions
The price of the course depends on the participants. The price of a private course (that is, a single person) is Fr. 360 .--
From two people the price is Fr 230 .-- per person

For a cancellation in writing up to 6 weeks before the start of the course, the payments will be refunded less a processing fee of 50 Francs. Thereafter, the deposit will be lost if no substitute participant can intervene. The balance must be paid before the course. In case of cancellation 3 weeks before the course, the amount is due in full.

Attendance at the course and participation in the workshops is at your own risk. At any time, the participant has the responsibility of himself, his goods and his animals. The instructor is not responsible for damages to people, animals or property.

In addition to the Basic course, there is the Advanced course I, II and III
For more information about the Advanced courses, send me an email.

To be able to take the Advanced courses, you must have done the Basic course.