Communication Guide

This is a guide on how to communicate telepathically with the animals which was given to me by my animal friend Spot:



1. Decide on an animal you want to communicate with



2. Ask yourself the question why you want to communicate with that animal



3. Eliminate all prejudices, all knowledge about behaviour and personality you ever learned, heard or think to have experienced about this animal or animal family.



4. Ask yourself which feeling you have towards that animal after eliminating all of the above.



5. Should you still find a feeling or thought, eliminate it also and ask yourself the same question again until you are able to sincerely say that there is nothing left.



6. Check on your own feelings and state of mind and put them aside for the conversation. Now you should be empty enough to receive something new.



7. Concentrate now on the animal. Welcome the animal and ask if it is willing to communicate with you. Wait for something. It does not matter what. It can be a feeling, a word, a picture, a color or simply emptiness.



8. Accept whatever you get and be thankful for it. Be happy for whatever you get. Happiness is strongly connected to love and love is needed to communicate with each other without prejudices.



9. If you get a positive feeling that you can continue, ask your questions. Should you not have a positive feeling, say thanks, respect the feeling and say good bye.



10. Were you able to ask your questions, wait and feel whatever comes. The first thought, the first feeling, the first picture or the first impression is the right one. You often get an answer even before you have finished the question. Don’t think any further. Be thankful and accept whatever it is.



11. Should you be insecure, ask again. Ask the animal if you have understood it right. Should you still have the same feeling or picture, trust it. Say thanks again and respectfully say good bye.



Those are the basic steps of an animal communication. Steps 2-6 should be made very conscientious and often require quite some practice until one can go on to step 7.


You can of course go through all the steps at once to see what happens but the risk that the communication contains own interpretations, prejudices, knowledge or even traumas is very big. To separate all that from the animal’s communication is almost impossible.
Unfortunately that is made very often and then it is up to us animals to sort out the mess, which is not always very easy


So before you can have a real and clean communication you should be honest enough with yourself as to whether you are able to fully empty yourself. This is not an easy process but a very useful one on the way to your self. The way to your self is very important to be able to go back to the roots and that’s where we all want to go back to.



Now I wish you lots of fun and a lot of exciting communications!