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  1. FolderAnimal Communication animal communication, telepathic animal communication
    1. PageCommunication Conscious telepathic communication is the common language between all beings. Lern what your animal has to tell you and make sure your animal understands what you have to tell him.
    2. PageCode of Ethics for Animal Communicators Code of Ethics as edited by Penelope Smith
  2. FolderCourses and Conferences 
    1. PageBasic Seminars via WEBINAR Animals, dogs, cats, birds, animal communication, telepathic communication, common language between animals and humans
    2. PagePractice Calls Learn to use the telepathic communication with your animal companion and keep in practice
  3. PagePresse Artikel über Tierkommunikation und Kurse in telepathischer Kommunikation. Artikel über Paloma Bärtschi-Herrera und ihre Arbeit als Tierkommunikatorin und Kursleiterin.