Life Energy Consulting

When doing life energy consulting, I check the animal in a holistic way. For that I need some fur or feathers of the animal. In the fur or feathers are the vibrations and the different information about the body, mind and soul of the being.

By using sensitive radionics I set up a therapy which supports the healing process of the animal.  

My testing does not substitute the veterinary in any case and is only meant as an additional and supporting treatment.

Every living creature has the responsability for its own life and is therefore responsible for getting well, staying sick or dying.


Harmony Shield

harmony shield
harmony shield

This shield works from the outside to the inside and vice-versa, while it cannot be influenced.

 It can be made of the following materials:

- Silver with a copper spiral spiral
- Silver with a gold spiral
- White gold with a yellow gold spiral  

The spiral works like a double spiral. A double spiral harmonizes and strenghtens harmony. The shield is usally worn around the neck, from where it harmonizes the whole being. 

Negative energies are being transformed into positive ones and also if the holder of the shield has negative thoughts, they are transformed into positive energy when leaving the body. 

It is a shield which protects the holder from the outside world but also from him or herself.

For further information and prices, please send me an e-mail to paloma(at)