What is Animal Communication

Animals, humans and every living creature communicate in various ways. We perceive these communications often subconsciously and react to them. Conscious animal communication is based on the channels, which animals and humans have in common. Those can be feelings, thoughts, perceptions, images and the body language. During a communication not all channels are used though.

If you tell a friend about your holidays and decribe to him the beautiful beach you visited, you might want to show him a pricture too in order to make it more visual for your friend.

The communication with an animal can be similar. The animal may send you mentally a picture of what it is trying to explain to you through feelings. The animal communicator listens and if some things are not clear, asks the animal for clarification.

A conscious telepathic communication is a two way communication where both parties have the opportunity of expressing what they want.

Any conscious communication is the key to a better understanding and respect between all living creatures. Where there is understanding and respect, there is peace and where is peace, is love.

Let us bring more love into this world .....

Nebo & Ljomi