2000 education animal communicator with Penelope Smith
2001 life energy consulting basic I and II for humans (new homeopathy by Erich Körbler) with Kari Bürgi
2002 education life energy consultant for animals with final exam
2002 education animal counselor and teaching basic animal communication apprenticeship with Penelope Smith
2003 Seminar about spiritual healing with Rosina Sonnenschmidt, Harald Knauss and Andreas Krüger in Germany
2004 one week workshop with dog "the dog in every day situations" as well as continious dog training with Esther & Felix Rickenbach
2005 Seminar about "barking behaviour of dogs" with Turid Rugaas organized by Animal Learn
2005 one week workshop with dog "and what now" with Esther Rickenbach
2005 one week workshop about integrative imaginary pictures with Christian Lerch
2007 Seminar about integration of an adult dog in an existing dog group taught by Mirjam Cordt and organized by Nicole Fröhlich
2007 Beginn of education "international dog trainer" with Turid Rugaas, organized by Nicole Fröhlich
2009 Certified ending of education "international dog trainer" with Turid Rugaas

Biographical Data

Born in the year of the horse I felt attracted by these great creatures from an early age on. When I was five I got my first riding lesson.

In the meantime I can look back to over 30 years of riding experince of which I have been blessed to share the last 13 years with my Islandic horse friend Ljomi.

The animals have always been my friends and until my teens we were connected by a very special band.

My professional career however, led me into a completely different direction first. I made a commercial apprenticeship in a big bank, spent after that half a year in England,  got more experience in the commercial field after returning, continued studies and became management assistant, studied to become Webmaster and founded my own Internet consulting company.

In Summer 98 I had a key experience, which led me back to the animals . That was when a horse talked to me. There had been animals in my life all the time but I began to realize that there was something missing which had been there before.
When I came across
Penelope Smith’s book ”œAnimaltalk” I found my way....

Today I am exclusively committed to teaching animal communication, giving individual consultations about the subject and also doing life energy consultations. I am happy and grateful to be able share information with you which can help you create a continious joyful and harmonious bond with your animal companion.